Y420303 - Winntec 3 Ton Turbo Lift Trolley Jack Heavy Duty

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The Winntec 3T Trolley Jack is equipped with the Turbo-Lift system, rubber pad, and bumper. The universal joint release valve allows lowering of the jack and load with precision.

• 3 Ton maximum weight capacity
• 130mm min./490mm max. lifting height ‘Turbo-Lift’ system raises contact saddle to the vehicle surface in one swift motion • Dual pump system increases efficiency • Solid steel wheels for added durability • Removable two-piece handle and grip
• Chrome-plated main ram and pistons
• Highly durable PU contact pad
• Reliable fast reach foot pedal
• Universal joint release valve
• Premium European design Winntec are an established and respected manufacturer, developer and supplier of quality, efficient and extremely reliable garage equipment - suitable for a vast range of applications.

The Unique Universal Joint at the back makes this jack one of a kind as well as two hydraulic cylinders that ensures that the seals outlast any competitors product-

The actual length of the jack is also longer than other jacks on the market which makes it easier to jack up any vehicle - 

Main features

  •  Turbo Lifter system
  •  Steel wheels
  •  PU pad
  •  Extremely stable
  • Min height 130mm
  • Max height 490mm
  • Width 380mm
  • Length 730mm
  • Height 160mm
  • Weight 41kg