JOA100 - Jonnesway 25PC 4T Hydraulic Gear Puller Set

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Description of Jonnesway AE310002:

Depending on the work performed, the kit can be used in the form of a 2-arm or 3 arm puller, Three sizes of pullers included in the kit (100, 150 and 200 mm) and fasteners, or use a puller-separator with the possibility of installing additional rods and cross members to create a pulling part. A hydraulic cylinder that develops a large traction force is installed in the threaded hole of the traverse or cross member to the depth necessary for access to the supporting surface of the serviced assembly, but not less than to the depth of the threaded part of the traverse or cross member. For difficult access to the supporting surface, it is recommended to use the additional extension pusher nozzles included in the kit. For convenience, the parts included in the kit are stored in the original plastic case.

Jonnesway AE310002:

Hydraulic cylinder O = 37.7 mm, L = 160 mm .;
Double beam 180 °;
Triple beam 120 °;
Puller arm  = 100 mm 3 pcs.;
Puller arm = 150 mm 3 pcs.;
Puller arm  = 200 mm 3 pcs.;
Stripper-separator assembly with studs, range 75-105 mm .;
Connecting studs for pulling part 2 pcs. L = 200 mm .;
Extension cords for pulling part 2 pcs. L = 200 mm .;
Pusher extension 25 mm .;
Pusher extension 50 mm .;