GT-7021 - Eezibleed Pro Brake Bleeder

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Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor & Re-filler Bottle
The pneumatic brake fluid extractor is vacuum operated and works on
normal compresses air through a standard adaptor.
Max air consumption: 5.0 cfm.
The unit contains a vacuum fluid extractor, bleeding hose with brake
nipple and adaptor and automatic re-filling operation.
New safety design, when the tank is full of liquid, air inlet mechanism will be shut off automatically.
One man, fast, clean and easy operating.
Automatic re-filling design.
Automatic shut-off when fluid reaches maximum level.
Max air consumption 5.0cfm.

Working pressure: 70 ~ 170psi (4.9 ~ 11.9Bar)
Capacity: Extractor 2.0L / Re-filler Bottle 1.0L
Air Inlet: 1/4″