GT-VVM - Volvo Master Timing tool Kit

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Purpose for alignment of the cam and crankshafts. Also enables correct installation of the Camshafts with the cam cover. This master tool set for Volvo is designed for use on 4, 5, and 6 cylinder engines to align the cam, cylinder head, and crankshaft during the removal and installation of cylinder head assemblies. It can also be used to install a camshaft cover to the engine head properly and is very helpful when replacing the camshaft seal. Properly secure and align the cam and crankshaft during R & R of cylinder head assemblies on (5) and (6) cyl engines -also for the proper installation of camshaft cover to the engine head and useful when replacing camshaft seal. Volvo Reference numbers: 999-5454, 999-5453, 999-5452, 999-5451.


- Volvo: S80 (07-), V70 (08-), S80 (-06), XC90, V70 (00-08), V70 XC (01-) / XC70 (-07), S60, C30, C70 (06-), S40 (04-), V50, S40 (-04), V40, 850, C70 Coupe (-05), S70, V70 (-00), V70 XC (-00), 960, S90, V90


  • Angle plate for the camshaft
  • Valve cover press tools (2)
  • Camshaft alignment jig
  • Crankshaft locking pin
  • Screws with Short M7 x (2)
  • Screws with Long M7 x (2)

Engine Codes:
B4164S, B4164S2, B4184, B4184S, B4184S10, B4184S2, B4184S3, B4184S9, B4184SJ, B4194T, B4194T2, B4204S, B4204S2, B4204T, B4204T2, B4204T2 CVVT, B4204T3, B4204T3, B4204T4, B4204T5, B5202FS, B5204FS, B5204FT, B5204T2, B5204T3, B5204T4, B5204T5, B5234FS, B5234FT, B5234T2, B5234T3, B5234T4, B5234T5, B5234T6, B5234T7, B5234T8, B5234T9, B5244S, B5244S2, B5244S4, B5244S5, B5244S6, B5244S7, B5244SG, B5244SG2, B5244T, B5244T2, B5244T3, B5244T4, B5244T5, B5244T7, B5252FS, B5254FS LH 3.2, B5254FS M 4.3, B5254FS M 4.4, B5254S DENSO, B5254T, B5254T2, B5254T3, B5254T4, B6244FS, B6254FS, B6254GS, B6284T, B6294S, B6294S2, B6294T, B6304FS, B6304FS2, B6304GS, B6304S3, GB5252S, D4192T2.