GT-TT7 - 196 Pc 7 Drawer Tool Trolley

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196pc Tool Chest 7 Drawer (Tool Trolley)  - Med duty

Set Includes -
1/4'',3/8'' and half Inch Ratchets with sockets covering from a 4-32mm 1/2'' set includes 2 extensions 125mm,250mm, Universal drive sliding t-bar 3/8'' set includes 2 extensions sliding t-bar, universal drive, spark plug sockets 16,21mm 1/4'' set includes 2 extensions, universal drive, sliding t-bar

24pc bit set hex keys
10pc tube sockets ratchet wrenches set
17pc dubble offset wrench set
7pc - 14pc slotted and Phillips screw drivers
7pc miniature screw driver set Knife type key set
6pc Insulated screw driver set
4pc cir-clip plier set 5pc file set 6pc - hex key t-handle set
3pc plier set (combination plier, long nose, side cutter) Mallet fiberglass handle

Nylon soft face mallet fiberglass handle Vice grip Waterpump plier
3 pc miniature pliers set, magnetic pick up tool & telescopic Inspection mirror
3 pc miniature vice grip,clamp and long nose vice grip, Pop rivet gun and acs.

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