GT-TT7 - 197 Pc 7 Drawer Tool Trolley

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197pc Tool Chest 7 Drawer (Tool Trolley)  - Med duty

Set Includes -
1/4'',3/8'' and half Inch Ratchets with sockets covering from a 4-32mm
1/2'' set includes 2 extensions 125mm,250mm, Universal drive sliding t-bar
3/8'' set includes 2 extensions sliding t-bar, universal drive, spark plug sockets 16,21mm
1/4'' set includes 2 extensions, universal drive, sliding t-bar, Torx T8-T40, HEX H2-H10, Tube socket set - 4-13mm

24pc bit set hex keys
17pc ratchet wrenches set
8pc double offset wrench set
7pc -  Slotted and
7pc  - Phillips screw drivers
7pc miniature screw driver set  Torx Knife type key set
6pc Insulated screw driver set
5pc file set
1pc Standard Allen Key set
1pc Shop square, tape measure 3m, Diy Mini Hacksaw
6pc - hex key t-handle set
3pc plier set (combination plier, long nose, side cutter) Mallet fiberglass handle
2pc plier set (Vice grip, Waterpump plier)
2pc hammer set (Nylon soft face mallet fiberglass handle, Engineering hamer)

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