GT-5530 - 3 Ton Portable Lift

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Description: The Portable Lift is our heaviest-duty portable car and truck lift system. A reinforced upper frame rails give this lift enough strength to effortlessly raise SUVs. Features: Automatic safety locks Lower and upper safety locks automatically engage as the car lift frames rise. They quickly disengage with a simple flip of the lock bar. They’re like built-in, heavy-duty jack stands. Zero-leak fittings Even when the car lift frames are under a full 3ton load, the hydraulic connectors do not leak. Keep your nice garage flooring clean and oil-free. Reinforced upper frame rails For the Easy lift, our largest-capacity car lift system, we reinforced the upper frame rails of with box-welded steel. This significantly minimizes deflection, improving power without requiring longer frames. Open-center design The Easy lift is all about more power with less interference. Inspired by two-post car lifts that engage vehicle frames, our open-center design offers full access to your vehicle’s wheels and undercarriage.. Benefits: • 1 Year warranty • Spares available • Training available

3 ton lifting capacity lift Lifting point spread - max → 1673mm Lifting point spread - min → 951mm Frame length – 1930mm

• Operational videos For illustration purposes only-

Dimensions - 

695/355/300 -28kg x 1

2030/400/150-52kg x 2

Technical information Lifting capacity 3 ton Individual frame weight44 kg

Raised (frame only) 462 mm
Raised (stacked blocks)546 mm
Collapsed 91 mm

Lifting point spread - min 951 mm
Lifting point spread - max 1676 mm

Frame width 318 mm
Frame length 1930mm
Lifting time 15-30 seconds


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