GT-SS7000 - Four Post Lift Ideal For Service & Parking 4 Ton

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Hydraulic driven, cable lifting system. Single side manual lock release. Four point automatic
safety locks. Width between runways non adjustable. Integrated hydraulic drive system.
Conforms with CE requirements Red
• Hydraulic driven, cable lifting system
• Single side manual lock release
• Four points of automatic safety locks
• Unchangeable width between runways
• Integrated hydraulic drive system
• Conform to CE requirements

Technical specifications 

Lifting capacity 4000kg
Lifting height 1800mm
Platform length 4200mm
Minimum height 125mm
Column height 2128mm
Width between columns 2670mm
Power of motor 2.2kw
Oil pressure 18 MPa
Power supply 220V
Lifting time 50 s
Lowering time 40 s