GT-RNO01 - Timing Tool Set for 2L Renault, Nissan and Opel

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The set includes auxiliary belt tensioner locking pin, camshaft setting tools, crankshaft pulley holding tool, chain tensioner locking pin and crankshaft locking pin
Suitable for 2.0 dCi chain drive engines of Renault, Nissan and Vauxhall / Opel

Timing Setting and Locking Tool Kit for 2.0 DCi Chain Drive Engines.

.Nissan / Renault and Vauxhall / Opel Vehicles,

with M9R Engine Codes

See List Below

To keep Camshaft, Injection Pump Shaft, Crankshaft in a Specific Position when changing a Timing Belt, or during other Engine Repairs and to Remove and Replace the Injection Pump.


.Includes a Crankshaft Holding Tool
.Auxiliary Belt Tensioner Locking Pin

.Crankshaft Pulley Holding Tool (OEM: MOT 1770 / EN48334)

.Camshaft Setting Tool (OEM: MOT 1769 / EN48332)

.Camshaft Gear Alignment Bracket (OEM: MOT 1773 / EN48331)

.Crankshaft Locking Pin (OEM: MOT 1776 / EN48330)

.Chain Tensioner Locking Pin

.M6 Bolt (for use with Camshaft Setting Tool)
.4mm Hex Key (For use with Alignment Bracket)


.Espace Mk4 (06- ) Grand Scenic Mk2 (08-09)

.Koleos (08-09)

.Laguna Mk2 (05-08)

.Megane Mk2 (07-08)

.Scenic Mk 2 (08-09) Mk3

.Traffic Mk2 (07-08) Mk3 (2010- )

.Vel Satis (08-09)


.Qashqai (08-09 ) X-trail (07-08) Primastar (08-09)

Engines Codes:

M9R 780/830/832/833