GT-PEGRV3000-PEG RV 3000 Valve Refacer

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PEG RV 3000 is an extremely versatile, precise and reliable valve grinding machine.

It allows the processing of engine valves with a stem diameter between 4 and 16 mm and a valve head diameter up to 100 mm.

The included large set of standard accessories makes the PEG RV 3000 a top quality valve grinder for engine rebuilding workshops.

The RV3000 valve refacer marks a new phase in valve refacing. Its double-V operation, instead of the traditional use of pliers or chucks, brings to very accurate results and is extremely easy. The peculiar valve locking system can be applied on a wide range of engines. Main characteristics : • Refacing possible for valves with 4(5/32") to 18mm (23/32") stem or bigger • grinding angle from 15º to 60º • head diameter : maximum 100mm • valve lenght overall : maximum 400mm • valve lenght at 30° and 45° : minimum 75mm • head diameter : at 30º=min 22mm./at 45º=min 18mm • motor-driven grinding wheel • grinding wheel size: 175x30mm (7"x1.29'/ 64") • grinding wheel speed : 2800rpm • voltage 230/400/50HZ/3PH • low tension driving control • other voltages on request • valve dragging wheel : 14rpm • incorporated coolant pump • dimensions : mm. 800 L x 600 P x 600 H • wheight 65 Kg approx. (240 Lbs)