GT-MS01 - Mechanic's Stethoscope/Sonarscope

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Mechanics Engine Sonar-scope Sound Noise Detector Tool Set Kit is commonly used to detect where engine noise is coming from. 

1. Products applicable to all parts of the car, you can quickly monitor the abnormal parts of the site. 
2. Diagnosis of the piston slap sound, gear wear sound. 
3. Products suitable for maintenance technicians, repair workers, vehicle maintenance personnel, safety monitoring personnel, personal owners and other use. 
4. Position the collision sound and screams from the engine to the dashboard; 
5. Products can monitor the engine, bearings, motors, chassis, gearbox and other parts. 

Product characteristics and technical parameters: 
Detection noise frequency range: 10HZ - 10KHZ
2 x Needle Probe 250 mm/ 80 mm - 4mm - diameter 

Mechanic's Stethoscope