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  • Disposable face masks, Non-surgical. This is NOT a medical rated mask and is meant for everyday civilian use. We would NEVER compromise access to medical rated masks for front line workers. 
  • Offers a 95% efficient respiratory protection, filters out particles, dust, haze, droplets, etc.
  • Lab tested and clinically proven to lower the chance of exposure to airborne infections
  • The face masks are used by the company's staffs and their families on a daily basis
  • FDA Medical Device Classes I - General Controls

4-layer Purification

Melt-blown Nonwovens, moderate thickness for particle absorption, highly efficient at filtering particles.

Securely Sealed

Adjustable nosepiece ensures optimal sealing
Advanced Nonwovens fabric provides easier breathing

Ergonomic Design

Stretchable & durable straps with dual point attachment, Ensures a reliable protection


Fitting Instructions

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Hold the mask in your hand and place it on nose, mouth and chin
  3. Secure the strings behind your head or over your ears
  4. Press the metallic wire to fit the shape of your nose and face
  5. Perform a fit check: place hands over the respirator and exhale, adjust if there are leaks

Note: For the safety of our employees and customers, we do not allow returns.