GT-MBRT - Chain Link Remover/Installer for Mercedes-Benz

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  • Interior Chain Link Remover/Installer (Dual Size) for Mercedes-Benz
  • Specially designed for replacing the interior chain, can install and feed the new chain to replace the broken chain and also revert.
  • This tool can be used on single or dual row interior chain, the connecting hole can be both Ø 3.1 and Ø 4.4.
  • Applicable for BENZ petrol and diesel engine.

    Essential tool for timing chain on Mercedes CDi diesel engines.

    For quickly and easily separating and assembling timing chain.


    Engine Codes : M272, M273

    Mercedes : 1.7D, 2.1D, 2.2D, 2.7D, 3.0D, 3.2D, 3.9D and 4.0D CDi diesel engines.