GT-P885N – Bright Fully Auto Tyre Changer

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Product: Passenger tyre changer

Description: The BP885 fully-automatic tyre changer is suitable for handling 10”-24” wheels. It can mount and demount tyres from passenger to LDV vehicles. It is especially suitable for wide tyres and can be equipped with an optional helper arm. Designed and Engineered in Europe.

• Tilt back

• Suitable for all kinds of tyres

• Anti rust bead breaker increasing the life of the machine.

• Italian design.

• Optional helper arm

*Colours and designs may differ

Technical information:

Outside clamping range: 10” – 21” inch
Inside clamping range: 12” – 24” inch
Rim width: 3” – 13” inch
Max wheel diameter: 1120 mm
Working pressure: 8 – 10 bar
Bead breaker force: 2800 kg
Power supply: 220V
Motor power: 0.75kW/1.1kW
Rotation per minute: 6.5/13rpm
Noise: <70 dB
Machine dimensions: 1900*1350*2000 mm
Packing dimensions: 1130*910*1010 mm
Net weight: 246 kg
Gross weight: 285 k


Features: Benefits:
Designed and Engineered in Europe Italian software
Fully automatic The back column is operated by a pneumatic piston, controlled by a foot pedal. The Whole column will tilt back, away from the machine to clear the turntable. This speeds up removal
and fitting of tyres.
Pneumatically controlled rear tilting column Saving you on set up time
Super-duty electric motor Hydraulic drive for superior torque and wheel holding power
High-torque electric turntable with two pneumatic cylinders Faster operating speeds and reverse-direction control for easier tyre swaps, this tyre changer reduces the risk of tyre damage
Foot pedal operation Less manual labor and easier to operated saving time.
The bead breaker system is delicately designed To make the operation more reliable. The rubber pad is thicker to ensure it is feasible to demount vehicle tyres and motorcycle tyres with brake pads.
Air regulator assembly Used to regulate air pressure and separate the water and oil in the outgoing air. This also keeps your machine well lubricated and while supplying quality air.
Full length rubber pad for breaking the bead of the tyre Which will save costly rim damage.
Optional helper arm Assist in mounting low profile or run flat tyres, reduces fatigue and allows the operator to work very efficiently with minimal effort.
Training available Technicians can be professionally trained to use the machine and get the maximum
benefit from it.
1 year warranty The machine will be repaired if there are any factory faults and can be replaced if required.
Spares available Should you have a breakdown you will not have to wait for your machine to be repaired. If there is anything we don’t have, we fly it in directly from the Suppliers.
Operational videos Technicians can learn how to operate the machine by watching a video, which is easier
and more simple than written instructions.

Helping arm not included but is available separate.