GT-HR30 – 3 Ton High Rise Lift (Pre order)

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SCV30 – 3 ton High rise lift

• Specially designed for under ground installation, easy and fast to install.
• Extensible platform design(optional).
• Hydraulic automatic lock device, reliable running and noiseless.
• Special cylinder design, simple to debug.
• 24V low voltage control system.
• Dynamic test:115% of the rated capacity. Static test:150% of the rated capacity.
• Conform to CE requirements

Certification: ISO 9000/9001 CE
*Colours and designs may differ

Technical Information
Lift capacity: 3000kg
Min height: 110mm
Lift height: 1850mm
Oil pressure: 18mpa
Power of motor: 2.2kw
Power supply: 220V
Rise / drop time: 55s