GT-GMOP - GM, Opel Timing Tool Kit

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• Specially designed for setting and holding the camshafts, crankshaft and chain tensioner on the high power output 2.0lt and 2.4lt twin cam turbo charged petrol engines found across the GM, Chevrolet and Saab ranges.

• Applications: Vauxhall, Opel, Saab and Chevrolet, Buick 2008-2015 LHU/A20NFT, LTG/A20NHT, LDK/A20NHT, LE5/LE9, A24XE, A24XF

• OEM Number: EN-48585, EN-43653/J43653, EN-955-10/KM 955, EN-955-20/KM955-20, EN-45027-1/J-45027-1, J-45027-2/EN45027-2/EN45027, EN-49212/EN-49212-1, EN-49212/EN-49212-2 ,EN-48953.