GT-FPT01 - Fuel Pressure Tester Kit /Injection Pressure Test Tool

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Deluxe Fuel Gauge System Kit Meter Injection Tester 0-140 psi

 The unique 3-1 / 2 "gauge design has a special expanded pound increasing double marking for accurate reading,
With a 140 PSI / 10 bar scale. But also has a relief valve and 6 feet of tube to reliably relieve pressure and fuel. Gauge has hook, allowing technician to have hands free,
 The included adapters, hoses and accessories cover all fuel injection systems and most cars and trucks world Wide! A quick-connect coupling system saves time. Also Allows Checking For Sufficient Fuel Flow, No Need for Wrenches or Pipe Dope

The set comes in a moulded box specially designed to make storage easy and organized

NB: This Kit does not include 2-1/2’ small gauge for accurate reading below 15psi.