GT-EVO624S - Sicam Falco Evo 624 Pneumatic tilt back tyre changer

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Pneumatic tilting back pole passenger car tyre changers equipped with a 24” (external clamping) turntable and a 2 position adjustable bead breaker.

Tyre and wheels safety, absolute reduction of the operating arm flexion during the demounting procedures for any kind of tyres even the most difficult “low profile“ and “run on flat tyre“ (RFT).

Technical Information

Outside rim clamping min: 10 “
Outside rim clamping max: 24 “
Inside rim clamping min: 12 “
Inside rim clamping max: 28 “
Rim width min: 3 “
Rim width max: 12,5 “
Max. wheel diameter: 1200 mm
Bead breaker range min: 75 mm
Bead breaker range max: 397 mm
Air connection: 8/10 bar
Dimensions (Wx Hx D): 1380x2110x1840 mm
Net weight: 277 kg
Power Supply: 230 V
Phase: 3
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Speed of rotation: 7/15 rpm
Current: 23/24 A