GT-DSGMM - DSG Clutch Removal Kit VAG

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DSG clutch removal tool set for VAG 7 speed gear boxes found in Volkswagen Golf/Touareg and Audi A3

Additional Information

  • Designed to allow the safe removal and refitting of the twin clutches used in VAG 6/7 speed gearboxes
  • Application: Volkswagen Golf 2004 onwards, Tourareg (6speed) and Audi A3 from 2004 onwards
  • Equivalent to OEM tools: T10323 Clutch Support Device, T10373 Puller, T10374 Gauge Block, T10376 Thrust piece
  • Used to remove and fit the twin plate clutches
  • Always grease threaded bars.


  • Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf (7 speed) from 2004 onwards (Code 0AM)
  • Volkswagen Golf Plus (7 speed) from 2005 onwards (Code 0AM)
  • Volkswagen Tourareg (6 speed) from 2003 onwards (Code 08D)

All threaded bars should be kept clean, free from dirt or grit, and very lightly lubricated with a film of molybdenum disulphide grease. Be very aware that clutch components must not be contaminated with any grease, oil or other lubricant.