GT-DHCAE150-DHC 12 Volt AutoExact 1.5 Amp Switching Power, Digital Processing Battery Charger / Maintainer.

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AC Voltage: 220 – 240 Volt

Charging Current:  1.5 Amp

Application: 12 Volt…SLI / VRLA / GEL / AGM / CAL / CAL & Spiral Batteries.

Features: IP 65 Water Resistant, Dust and Splash / Rain Protected / Auto Polarity / Spark Free / Over Charge Protection

Dimensions: L170 x W73 x H48 mm

  • Desulfation: Saves a deeply discharged or a lightly sulfated battery for recovery.
  • Fast charge: Charges battery to 75% in the fastest and most efficient manner.
  • Equalization: When the battery reaches 75% charge, the charger starts a charge pulse with a smaller current to fully charge in safe manner.
  • Top off: Fully charge the battery without overcharging the battery.
  • Maintenance: Maintains the battery in a full state of charge.