GT-CLT - Cylinder Leakage Tester/ Detector M14/12 (Light Duty)

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Cylinder leak-down tester Cylinder Engine cylinder Compression tester 

Designed for getting an accurate leak-down test and measurement

Displays a rate of leakage measure from 0 to 100%

Compatible with most domestic and imported engines

Easy to adjust air regulator

2 adapters 12mm and 14mm spark plug adapters
Gauge 2-1/2" diameter with rubber protected
Gauge scale 0 to 100 psi in 2 psi increments 0-7 bar in 0.2 bar increments

Hose size: 480mm
Adapters size: 12mm and 14mm
Fixed short connector size: 14 x 26mm
Fixed long connector size: 12 x 26mm