GT-BBCLIMA6000-Clima 6000 Aircon Machine with Database

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PUMP OIL REGENERATION average life is up to 100 times longer than the standard duration



Display  alphanumeric LCD 4x20
Keyboard  6-key membrane
Software update  via RS232  

Vessel capacity  7,6 l
Vessel capacity in line with PED Directive  6,5 Kg
Maximum operating pressure certified under PED cat. I  20 bar

Exhaust oil container capacity   250 ml
New PAG oil container capacity  250 ml
OIL CARE valve (new PAG oil container)

Vacuum pump capacity   6 m3/h
Vacuum level  0,05 mbar
Refrigerant gas recovery compressor displacement   9CC
Safety pressure switch
Dehydrating filter capacity (Kg of recovered refrigerant )  30 Kg
Non-condensing vent valve
Automatic HP and LP taps
External HP and LP hoses length  2 m
Bulkhead couplings for HP and LP hoses
Analog HP and LP pressure gauges  80 mm pulse-free
Vessel analog pressure gauge   40 mm pulse-free
No. of solenoid valves   9

Dimensions: 505 x 575 x 841 mm (LxPxH)
Weight: 55 kg
Power supply: 50 HZ - 220-240 V - 700 W

6000-1234yF has been designed so as to make it extremely easy to handle and store. Just 65 Kg, it is therefore highly maneuverable. The (routine and extraordinary) maintenance strategy of 6000-1234yF has been inspired by the same concept of the overall design: ease of use and operation. All parts and components subjected to wear and needing regular maintenance (e.g. the dryer filter – the replacement of which depends on the number of recharge services performed in the garage) have been placed so to be very easily reachable and accessible by non-experts technicians too, therefore minimizing the machine downtime costs and ensuring 6000-1234 uninterrupted and steady performance. Taps have been replaced by the same highly effective and efficient automatic flow regulating system that equips the high-end A/C stations to assure smooth operation.