GT-ATF01 - ATF Oil Dispenser with Adaptors

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This dispenser system is designed for reaching automatic transmission and differential filler plugs which can sometimes be difficult to access. The main tube is 7.5 mm in diameter and 1.5 meters long — it features a simple on/off valve and a quick connector which accepts one of the eight adaptors supplied. These adaptors fit a wide range of applications.
The pressurized tank is designed to hold a generous amount of fluid (3 liters) without being too heavy and fluid and is dispensed by operating the on/off valve on the main tube.

A professional kit for the busy workshop

Total 13pcs Package include the following adapters:
1x ATF 101 For FORD, threads ⅛ "NPT
1x ATF 102 For BMW, Honda, Nissan, ..., buckling shape
1x ATF 103 For VW / AUDI, Buckling shape
1x ATF 104 For VW / AUDI, Porsche, Buckling shape
1x ATF 105 For VW / AUDI, Mini Cooper Just M 10x1 .0
1x ATF 106 For VW / Audi, wt. M24x 1.5 DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox)
1x ATF 107 For VW / Audi , Wt. M22x 1.5 CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
1x ATF 108 For Mercedes, wt. M12x 1.5 722.9 (7-speed autom1x ATic)
1x ATF 109 For Skoda M18 x 1.5
1x ATF 110 For VW (Haldex) Pass1x AT and Tiguan from 2001 M30 x 1.5
1x ATF 111 For Universal flexible 300 mm, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, ...
1x ATF 112 For Volvo 5/16 x 24
1x ATF 113 For Toyota, Lexus M18 x 1.5

Always refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s service instructions to establish the correct procedure. These instructions are provided as a guide only, • Make sure that both the main tube connection to the unit and the adaptor on the end of the main tube are firm and correct. • Ensure the filler cap (F) has been replaced with firm pressure against its seal. • Follow the recommended pressure (manufacturer’s service instructions). DO NOT exceed 20psi as the unit could become damaged or damage to the vehicle’s transmission hydraulic system could be caused. • If the pressure is too high, release the pressure by pressing the relief valve (E). • After use always clean the unit paying particular attention to connector and filler cap threads, etc. Never store or leave unused fluid in the tank.