GT-AR01 - 18pc Alternator Pulley Removal /Installation / Repair Tool

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This 18pc Alternator Removal tool set allows for easy removal of the freewheel alternator pulley. Allows alternator shaft, which are held while the retention of the pulley is removed.

Incorporates a full range of Torx, Spline, Hex adapters to fit most alternators. 

-M10 Spline socket  / spline (110mm) 
-M10 Spline socket / spline nut (98mm) 
-M10 Spline socket / H12 hexagonal  (57mm) 
-M10 spline (75mm) 
-T50 Torx socket / spline nut (110mm) 
-M8 spline (75mm) 
-M10 spline (75mm) 
-T40 Torx socket (75mm) 
-H8 - Hexagonal alternator (75mm) 
-H10 Hexagonal (75mm) 
-33 Spline alternator hexagonal socket -15mm 
-33 Spline socket -17mm hexagonal 
-33 Spline alternator socket -
-22mm Hexagonal nut
-17mm Hexagonal nut 

-22mm Hexagonal nut 
-28x22mm Hexagonal  Nut -
-28x21mm Hexagonal Nut 

-28x19mm Hexagonal Nut 

Suitable for use on Audi – VW, Porche, Ford, BMW, Volvo, Opel, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Skoda replace the type of free wheel pulleys in  most alternators.