GT-AC1000 - 3G - Zell Air-Con Service Station "Automatic Aircon Machine"

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Scope of delivery

  • Air-Con Service Station
  • Service hoses with coupling for HP/LP connection
  • Container for air conditioning compressor oil (PAG oil)
  • Container for used oil
  • Inner tank refill connector
  • Printer
  • Heating Belt


AC1000 Air Condition Service Station ( refrigerant recovering/recycling/recharging )

Refrigerant Recovering/Recycling/Recharging AC Service Station, refrigerant recovery recycling machine.

AC service station, auto refrigerant recharging/recovering/recycling car air condition workstation for garage workshop service.

  • It will check the loadcell working state when power is on
  • Reliability design, automatic warning and error code system
  • Programmable recovery/vacuum/recharge parameter and memorizing
  • Standard car database embedded
  • Optional recharging compensation
  • Self service for help information. Example: non-condenesble gases release
  • Pressure direct adjustment function
  • Auto zero balance of electronic load cell
  • Manual function control for self diagnosing

Additional Information
Safety devices:
Pressure monitor: switch the compressor off if the normal operating pressure is exceeded.
Tank with pressure relief function: additional safety mechanism to
protect lines or vessels from bursting if the pressure continues to rise
despite the action of the pressure monitor.
Recovery: Recover the A/C refrigerant into the inner
Vacuum Vacuum test Extract gases from A/C system
gases and hold vacuum to test for leaks
Purge : Release gases from inner cylinder
Recharge : Refill refrigerant into A/C system.
Oil : Inject new oil into A/C system.
Auto: One step operation Complete all steps automatically


Basic parameters
- Refrigerant tank 14.5 l / 10 kg
- Dimensions: 500x1070x700 mm
- Weight: 85 kg
- 220/240 V / 50 Hz power supply
- Operating temperature 5 ° C to 50 ° C.


"Unit does not Included Gas or Oil" - 

Please make contact before placing order online for shipping details. This unit must be services yearly.


 This system is designed to provide the technician
with an accurate diagnostic tool used to detect
leaks in A/C units and refrigeration systems.
Find leaks fast when you add a small amount
of fluorescent dye to the A/C and refrigeration
system. The universal dye is compatible with all
refrigerants and oils used in these systems. The
dye is injected into the AC&R system while under
pressure. The dye circulates with the refrigerant’s oil
and escapes from the system at all leakage points.