GT-90003 - On & Off Car Brake disc lathe (Skimmer)

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On-car & off-car type Car brake disk cutting machine

It’s a luxury model of car brake disc machine.

It’s on-car & off-car type, no need use the car lift.

Duel side cutting when work on brake disc, about 8 minutes per disc. Easy to operate 

Technical Information:

Working height min/max: 850 /1200mm
Rotation rate: 120r/pm
Decelerate motor voltage: 110v/220v50-60hz
Weight: 135 kg
Ambient temperature range: -20 to 50°C
Maximum diameter of brake disc: 510mm
Cutting accuracy of brake disc: 0.01-0.02mm
Maximum thickness of brake disc: 43mm
Brake disc surface roughness: less than 0.15-0.02mm