GT-4086 - Ford Timing tool set Locking Tool Set TDDi/TDCi 1.8 engine. - Diesel Engines (Pre-Order)

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A practical kit allowing the locking of the camshaft and crankshaft for replacement of the timing belt on the Ford range of 1.8 TDDi, TDCi and turbo diesel engines. Used on the Ford diesel engine where the diesel pump is driven by a separate chain drive.

Additional Information

  • A set of engine timing locking tools for the Ford TDDi/TDCi 1.8 engine.
  • Engine codes C9DC, F9DA/B, C9DA/B, BHDA/BBHPA, HCPA.
  • Includes locking strap, flywheel locking tool, TDC setting screw and camshaft sprocket puller.
  • Supplied in storage case.