GT-4045E - 4.5 ton Alignment ready lift with 2 ton lifting bridge.

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Model: 4045E

Product: 4.5 ton Alignment ready lift with 2 ton lifting bridge


Wheel Alignment 4 post lifts are available with built in Rear Slide Plates. Accurate levelling of the platforms is achieved by a locking ladder system built into the posts of the lift.


• Long platforms ensure the safety of the low chassis car

• The assistant worktable is designed for different type of cars

• Manual safety relese

• The pulley is longer than 20mm to reduce stress of synchronization process

• Release valve built into the power unit to prevent overloading

• 115% dynamic loading and 150% static loading test.


Technical information

Lifting capacity: 4500kg
Min height: 170mm
Max height: 1820mm
Platform width: 550mm
Platform length: 4880mm
Total width: 3420mm