FL8214E - Winntec Two Post Lift Clear floor electric release 4.5 ton capacity

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General Information
Adjustable lifting adaptor with in height 90mm for sports
• 115% dynamic loading and 150% static loading test
• Aluminum motor to avoid damage by heat
• Preset rated loading pressure avoid overloading
• Inside width 2850mm suitable
• With multifunctional hydraulic valve board, can be released
when power down.
• Lifting height 1930mm, suitable for different operators
• Professional chain cover design
• Professional powder coating
• Door protection rubber pad toe protection
• Manual release
• Explosion-proof valve

Technical Information
Lifting capacity 4500kg
Lifting height 1930mm
Min height 90mm
Lifting time 50s
Voltage 220V
Power 2.2kw
Inside column 2850mm
Post height 3892mm

2-year warranty