DHC-BT1000 - Digital Battery & Electrical Analyzer (Tester)

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  • The BT1000 is a professional level tester which is upgraded from
    previous RT777 model.

    A full upgrade from inside to outside offers a
    more accurate measurement, easier readout, and more durable
    casing design to meet the standard of automotive industry.

    6V & 12V Battery / 12V START-STOP Battery test

    12V & 24V Charging/Starting system test, IR test
    4-color LCM 4 color large screen provides easy readout.

    Operating Range 40~2,000 CCA(SAE)

    Dimensions (mm) 250 (L) x 130(W) x 45(H)
    Test Code/ Test Counter Yes
    Languages English, French, Spanis
    h, German, Italian, Portuguese
    4 Color LCD
    • Show different color for different test result.
    Start/Stop & System Test Available
    • Includes latest LN series Start/Stop batteries.
    In Vehicle Test
    • Combine Battery Test & System Test into a single task, providing a print out with
    a complete test result.
    Temperature Compensation
    • Different temperature compensation above/below 0ºC (32ºF)
    DIY Information
    • Customized information on printout
    Detachable Cable
    • Detachable cable for easy replacement.
    • Customized information on printout