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Choose the NO. 4 socket, install it onto the glow plug,
   use a hammer to fix the socket with glow plug head then
   try to remove the glow plug with 3/8 " DR. spanner.
This tool is especially for the situation when removing
    the glow plug, but there is only head is removed then
    please use the other accessories to remove the rest glow
    plug hole and replace a new one
Insert NO.6 tube into the glow plug hole, then insert a
    No.10 φ3.5 drill into NO.6 tube then drill a hole with air tool.
Separate the NO.9 device and only choose the cone center
    tool and install it into the glow hole. Choose suitable drill
    from NO.2 (7x 5.5 or 9x 5.5 or 8x 5.5), inert the drill into
    NO.8 drill installer. It is important to sue NO.5 (3mm alley key)
    to lock the screw on drill installer.
    Then install it into cone center tool, and connect with air tool
   to drill and also remove the hex nut from glow plug.