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The complete fuel system service available as an aerosol
To clean the carburettor internally and externally, freeing chokes, PC valves and jets
Removing gum, varnish and sludge



5Kg Waste rags 


Waterless grit hand cleaner with lanolin to moisturize and remove stubborn dirt from hands
Anti - bacterial and bio-degradable. 5Kg

Air Conditioning Odour Treatment
Scientifically formulated to reduce airborne malodour. Uses “biocide” as its active ingredient to kill bacteria, germs and also eradicates mould and fungus. Refreshes stale, musty air conditioning units.
Directions for use:
1. Shake can before use.
2. Move gearshift into neutral or park and ensure handbrake is activated
3. Run engine and engage air conditioning system with fan speed set on high
4. Set air conditioning system to fresh air or external air circulation mode. Remove all filters
5. Close car windows and doors. Locate AC system fresh air intake at base of the windshield wiper or at the firewall inside the engine compartment.
6. Spray and discharge products into all air intake vents
7.  Switch air conditioning system to heating (if applicable) and repeat the discharge of product into all air intake vents
8. Misting must appear in the cabin of the car and this is normal
9. Suggested application for most circumstances is 1/3 of a can
10. Fragrances remain for a day or two and will subside indicating that the system has been treated