CB66 - Bright Smart Wheel Balancers

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Bright CB66
Basic Wheel balancer with Manual data input. Italian engineered software wheel balancer, Five alu modes with wheel optimization and weight split function. Comes with a standard USB mode that enables Upgrades to be easier. It has a power saving mode, machine switches to stand by mode when not used for 5 minutes. Technical Information


Italy’s best operating system software with accurate resolution.

Low power and energy saving motor to save extra costs.

• User friendly.
• Comes with 5 ALU balancing and 2 ALU smart balancing programs.
• 40mm diameter shaft
• Easy to calibrate
• LED display
• Standby mode

*Optional Motorcycle adapter

<Bright wheel service equipment

Technical Information

Rim diameter: 1” – 28” inch
Max wheel weight: 70 kg
Max wheel diameter: 1118 mm
Rim width: 1.5” – 20” inch
Precicion: ±1 g
Motor power: 90 W
Power supply: 100/230V 1 ph
Rotation per minute: 140 rpm
Balancing time: 7 s
Secont time mounting test: <5 g
Machine dimensions: 1550*1160*1243 mm
Packing dimension: 990*760*145 mm
Net weight: 126 kg
Gross weight: 164 kg