A730P – Bright Premium 3D Wheel Aligner

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The A730 is a 3D wheel alignment machine developed by Corwei.

The automatic column movement system allows the operator to adjust its height by pressing the key on the keyboard.

The range of motion is between 0.75 and 2.8 m.

This makes work more comfortable and faster.

The system contains over 30,000 different types of vehicle data.

Its operating environment is very intuitive and can be quickly identified and learned to work with.

The ergonomic work desk has a 32 “monitor.

High resolution targets (80×80 and 90×90) and new generation cameras with high-resolution lenses help to measure accuracy.

Technical Information:

Monitor: 1
Power consumption: 500 W
Width: 2749 mm
Adjustable camera height: 950 – 2600 mm
Min width between lifting columns: 2600 mm
Height of columns: 3793 mm