9BA01 - King Tony 25Pc Hydraulic Gear Puller

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Includes forged steel bearing separator and gear puller

Operate up to 10 ton hydraulic pulling powerSpecial separator design of the strong back pullerallows the puller to be used even in the tightest spaces

Suitable for industry, automotive and a gricultural machine

1 Set Separator Capacity 75mm ~ 105mm

1 PC. Beam

1 PC. 10T Hydraulic Ram

1 PC. Tripe Head

1 PC. Twin Head

1PC. Ram Part

1 PC. Centre Adapter

1 PC. 1"x 2" Extension Rod

1 PC. 1"x 4" Extension Rod

2 PC. Main Rod Hex bar 19mm x M12 & 1/2" x L255mm

2 PC. Extension RodHex bar 19mm x M12 x L255mm

3 PC. 4" Leg

3 PC. 6" Leg

3 PC. 8" Leg.