6BC3007 - King Tony Gas Solering Iron set 8pc

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Power range : 30W-150W
 Four different tips
Soldering temperature can be
adjusted:400°C~450°C (750°F~840°F)
tank fuel for 90 minutes of operation
Torch temperature:1300°C (2400°F)
 Fuel capacity: 20ml
 Ready to use 45 seconds after ignition
 Pure butane gas ----KIT INCLUDES 6BC372 Gas saldering iton 257mm
6BC372-1 Conical
6BC372-2 2.5mm round
6BC372-3 3.5mm chisel
6BC372-4 4.5mm angle
6BC372-5 Reflector
6BF21-17 Desolder wire / Sn 99.3%,
Cu 0.7%