W2900 – Two Post Lift with Base plate – 4 ton.

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General Information

  • Floor plate design, more suitable for low ceiling workshops
  • Manual lock release
  • Dual cylinders located in Master and slave column,
  • Dynamic test 115% of the rated capacity.
  • Static test: 150% of the rated capacity
  • Dual antic skidding safety device from column ladder safety to hydraulic seal protection
  • Special hydraulic system designed to avoid overload running
  • ABS control box, 24v low voltage control system
  • High strength chain drive system
  • High quality seals from Italy
  • Quality power rack
  • CE Certified

Technical Information

Lifting capacity :4000 kg
Min Height :110 mm
Lifting Height :1900mm
Column Height :2826mm
Width between columns :2800mm
Power of motor :2.2 kw
Oil Pressure :18 MPa
Power Supply :220v
Lifting time :50 s
Lowering Time :40 s