W2900 – Two Post Lift with Base plate – 4 ton

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Centre plate between the 2 post to cover the hydraulic pipes and steel synchronizing ropes. It is the most common type of lift, but the plate can be considered an obstruction when removing gearboxes on a transmission jack, however this lift is suitable for low ceiling workshops.

    Technical information


    Lifting capacity: 4000 kg
    Locking release: Manual
    Overall height: 3146mm
    Overall width: 3384mm
    Min height: 100mm
    Max lifting height: 1900mm
    Width between columns: inside 2760mm
    Arm length: 685-1050mm | 845-1330mm
    Lifting time: <60s Lowering time: 18-14s
    2950*520*700 mm
    970x 290*350 mm
    Weight: 616 kg

     Excluding delivery and installation

    Features: Benefits:
    Manual release When you have a power outage, the locks can still be released to lower the vehicle.
    Floor plate design Suitable for low ceiling workshop, and the height is not limited by an overhead beam.
    The lift can accommodate tall vehicles, roof racks and other roof-mounted features.
    Dual cylinders Master and slave column, to assist with lifting of vehicles.
    Dynamic test 115% of the rate capacity Ensures the hoist works correctly through its full cycle of operation
    Static test: 150% of the rated capacity Static load testing, to unsure the lifts can handle the recommended tonnage. Safety
    Dual anti skidding safety device from column ladder to hydraulic seal protection If the hydraulic system fails for some reason the vehicle on the lift will not fall, the lifts safety locks will lock into place to prevent any accidents.
    Hydraulic system Designed to avoid overload running
    ABS control box, 24v low voltage control system Conforms to ISO standards and electrical components of the lift.
    High quality seals from Italy Conforms to ISO standards and electrical components of the lift.
    Quality power rack Ensures safety at all heights.
    Conforms to CE requirements The CE Mark on a product or machine identifies it as complying with all the of safety
    requirements established by the European Union.
    Easy to install Requires a flat floor and solid concrete base for bolting.
    Training available Technicians can be professionally trained to use the machine and get the maximum
    benefit from it.
    1 year warranty The machine will be repaired if there are any factory faults and can be replaced if required.
    Spares available Should you have a breakdown you will not have to wait for your machine to be repaired. If there is anything we don’t have, we fly it in directly from the Suppliers.
    Operational videos Technicians can learn how to operate the
    machine by watching a video, which is easier
    and more simple than written instructions.