9AT1306 - Petrol Engine Timing Set (VOLKSWAGEN GROUP AUDI/SKODA/VW/SEAT)

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The set includes camshaft setting plate, camshaft sprocket adjusting tool, tensioner adjusting tool, tensioner locking pin and crankshaft locking pin.
Suitable for Audi VAG 3.0 V6 petrol engine.
Use to replace timing belt and carry out timing tensioner applications.



  • A4 Cabrio (8HE/8H7)
  • A4/A4 quattro (8E_)
  • A6/A6 quattro (4F2/4F5)
  • A6/A6 quattro (4B2/4B5)
  • A8 (4E2/4E8)


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  • BBJ

    OEM tool codes included in this kit:

    T40011, T40026, T40028, T40030