GT-CB78S – Bright Premium Wheel Balancer

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CB78P – Wheel balancer


The CB78S wheel balancer is equipped with a wide touch LCD display and Italian software with simple controls.

To rotate the wheel, a stepper motor with a precision approach to the non-weft positions is used.

The mechanical group of the shaft and the drive motor is arranged in one cushioned unit, thus achieving high
precision balancing and minimal maintenance requirements.

Self-calibration and fully automatic diagnostics can be performed easily.

• Stopping in a non-weft position by a stepper motor
• Laser pointer center of weights
• Touch LCD display
• Fully automatic measurement of all wheel balancer dimensions
• LED lighting space application of weights
• Intelligent self-calibration
• Quiet operation, low balancing speed
• Exact Balance, Multiple Intelligent ALU Mode
• Opportunity to optimize disc and tire envelopes
• Possibility of simultaneous setting for multiple operators
• Automatic switch to power save mode
• USB port for easy software update
• Wheel width measurement by sonar
• Diagnosis of sonar throwing


Technical Information

Rim diameter: 10” – 28” inch
Max wheel weight: 70 kg
Max wheel width: 1188 mm
Rim width: 1.5” – 20” inch
Precision: ±1 g
Motor power: 370 W
Power supply: 100/230V 1 ph
Rotation per minute: 140 rpm
Balancing time: 7 s
Second time mounting test: <5 g Packaging dimensions: 1150*880*1150 mm
Net weight: 154 kg
Gross weight: 192 kg