GT-X431 - Launch X431 Pro V.4 Full System Diagnostic Tool - Universal Diagnostic Tool

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X431 Pro V.4 Version. (New) 8″ Screen, Three year Updates and one year warranty

This amazing  8″ Android tablet driven diagnostic unit is a clear winner and is our main selling unit for many months. Comes with 121 manufactures and all connectors, you will not go wrong. Simply just does the job without fuss.

Launch X431 Pro S V.3 with Bluetooth/Wifi based on Android system, is a new car malfunction diagnostic device developed by Launch Tech for internet application.

Main function 

  • Read fault codes & provides a description
  • Clear fault codes & warning lights (e.g. airbag, ABS, engine light etc)
  • Service functions – interval light / oil reset light / EPB / injectors etc
  • Access to live data streams (oxygen sensor rich/lean indication, mass air flow etc)
  • Actuation / Component testing(activate specific systems to test working condition)
  • Coding (Injectors, spare keys, radios and even starters are now coming out ‘coded’. This function is indispensable if you need to change those vehicle parts)

Original Supported Car Models:

USA:USA Ford, Chrysler, GM
European:BENZ, BMW, Fiat, OPEL, Peugeot, Saab, Flyer, GMSA, EOBD2, Euroford, Jaguar, Renault, Smart, Sprinter, VAZ, VW, Dacia, Rover, LandRover, Romeo, BXFiat,HM,Porsche, Volvo, AUDI, Citroen, Lancia
Aisan: Acura, Changan, Daweoo, Gaz, Hafei, Huachen, Jiao, Lexus, Xiali, Xinkai, Holden, Australia Ford, Maruti, Ssangyong, Tata, Changhe, Infiniti, Mahindra, Perodua,Proton, Qirui, Tlisuzu, Zhongshun, Changcheng, HaoQing, Jinlong, Liuwei, ZhongTai, ZhongXing, Isuzu, Jacty, JPIsuzu, Mazda, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi,Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Subaru.

Model Name: Launch X431 V Pro
Wi-Fi: Supported
Bluetooth: Supported, 10M (Without Obstacle)

Operating System: Android

CPU: Dual core 1GHz

Battery: 3000mh, rechargeable polymer lithium battery

Standby time: It is subject to the using environment. Generally it can keep working for 4 hours.

Extension memory card: 32G Micro SD(TF) card supported

Memory: 512MB

Storage capacity: 2GB

LCD: 8.0 inch Lenova

LCD resolution: 1024X600

Touch screen: 5 points capacitive touch screen

Cameras: 2 mega rear and 0.3 mega front

Wi-Fi: support

Bluetooth: support


X-431 PRO V.3 is a diagnostic device providing on-line service for internet application developed on Launch powerful vehicle diagnosis data base .Through the communication between DBScar connector and intelligent mobile terminals ,the car owners can diagnose their car and upload the maintenance data to enterprises or maintenance technician on-line anytime .Then they can get support or maintenance information .The maintenance enterprises can also delivery news or advertising to the managed customers through X-431 PRO.X-431 pro inherits Launch advantages in car fault diagnostic technology ,such as vast car model coverage ,powerful test function, special functions and accurate test data, etc. It achieves the full car model and full system fault diagnosis through the Bluetooth communication between DBScar connector and intelligent mobile terminals.x-431 pro ,taking the advantage of mobile internet, can share maintenance data and case library, provide instant maintenance information, and build public and private maintenance social circle, etc. thus lead to a wide car diagnostic community.

1、Inherit classics
2、High configuration of hardware
3、Abundant diagnosis community functions
4、Comprehensive customer management functions
5、 Maintenance data base


1.0GHz duel core processor
512M Memory
Extended memory card, 8G sd card,support 32G Micro SD(TF)card
Polymer lithium-ion battery 3000mAh
Screen size 8 inch
Screen resolution:1024*600 Multi-touch capacitor screen
Wireless communication: Bluetooth and WIFI