GT-osc-ultrakit Autel Oscilloscope Accessories Kit (For Maxisys Ultra, MS919 & MP408)

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  • When measuring AC or DC with the current clamp, you can connect it with a multimeter or an oscilloscope to directly read the current value without the need to make physical contact with the conductor or to disconnect it for the insertion through the probe. The current clamp measures a maximum current of 650A, with a frequency up to 400Hz.

  • It works with jaws which open to allow clamping around an electrical conductor. After linking with a multimeter or an oscilloscope, push down the zero adjustment knob on the clamp until the multimeter or oscilloscope reads zero.


  • System Accuracy: The precision of the current clamp adds to that of the digital multimeter or oscilloscope. eg. The conductor carries 1A current, the current clamp is set to 1mV/100mA and the output is 10mV. If the precision is 1.5%, the output is between 9.85mV and 10.15mV.
  • If the digital multimeter or oscilloscope connected with current clamp is set to 200mV and the precision is 0.5%, the reading is between   9.8mV and 10.20mV. (10.15mVx(1+0.5%)=10.20mV, 9.85mVx(1-0.5%)=9.80mV)
  • Specifications 

    • Conductor diameter: 30mm maximum
    • Low Battery Indicator: Red LED
    • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C, 70% R.H
    • Storage Temperature -20°C -+70°C, 80% R.H
    • Battery Type: 9V DV, NEDA 1604, 6F22, 006P
    • Battery Life: 100 hours typical with carbon-zinc
    • Weight: 250grams
    • Dimensions: 195 mm (H) x 70MM (W) X 33mm (D)
    • Output: Through a BNC connector

    Relative Compression Test – Amp Clamp – Amp draw from battery to starter

    WEIGHT 4.5 kg
    DIMENSIONS 15 × 52 × 39.5 cm