GT-CIT8 CIT800 Multifunction Diesel Common Rail Injector Tester

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CIT800 is a new multifunction common rail injector tester, that can imitate ECU drive signal accurately and effectively, for each working condition of injector, such as pre injection, emission point and full load point.
Compatible with variety of brands such as Bosch, Denso, Delphi and Piezo common rail injectors.


  • Common rail Piezo injector testing
  • Common rail electromagnetic injector testing
  • Measuring electromagnetic injector impedance


  • Small size
  • Lightweight
  • Easy operation
  • Simple testing process

Technical Parameters:

Model: CIT800

Testing Range: atomization, pilot, emission and full load conditions

Working Voltage: AC110V-AC220V

Working Temperature: -30C°--70C° Size: 110*260*200mm

Adjustable Width: 100us - 6 MS

Adjustable Frequency : 1-30HZ (Solenoid Injector); 1-20HZ (Piezo Injector)

Other functions:
Measuring Solenoid injector impedance
Safeguards: Protection fuse use, hardware protection circuit, software protection, out connector safety protection

Adjustable  Frequency:  1-30HZ(Solenoid Injector1-20HZ(Piezo Injector)
"pop tester not included"
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