GT4125 - Gastester Digital

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Gastester is used for the testing and setting of all carburettors (petrol, leaded or unleaded) and petrol injection systems on any vehicle. Gastester provides a simple and inexpensive method of showing when the correct petrol/air mixture is being dispensed.

  • Content includes: Gas tester instrument including
  • Calibrates in air, no moving parts to wear out
  • No filters to change
  • Accurate to 0.5% C.O measurement at 15-25˚C
  • Instructions included

Gastester is an exhaust gas analyser that works on the “hot wire” or “thermal conductivity” principle: the thermal conductivity of exhaust gas varies in proportion to the amount of carbon monoxide present. Exhaust gas is pumped through the Gastester by an externally mounted pulse pump. The pulse pump uses the positive and negative pressure waves generated by the exhaust gas to force exhaust gas through the Gastester. The pump consists of a diaphragm with one way valve and thus the pump will only be heard to click when connected to the exhaust. CO Function Specification: Calibrated range: 0-10% CO (indicates un-calibrated to 20% C) Accuracy: +/- 0.5% CO typical (throughout the indicated range 0.5% CO to 6.5% CO) Note: The Gastester measures the CO level only of the exhaust gas and is therefore not suitable for MOT or diagnostic checks where an accuracy greater than +- 0.5% CO is required.